about us

The creators of the powertool have been working exclusively in the cost management sector of the construction industry since 1965. Since the 1980's they have concentrated on helping people in construction to resolve disputes. We have worked for clients, subcontractors and contractors. We know and understand the issues contract administrators face every day. We know that, when you are up against the wall, you want a quick, efficient way to deal with routine tasks, like progress claims.

The advent of consistent security of payment legislation (SOP), between 1999 and 2010, in all Australian states, New Zealand, Singapore and other jurisdictions provided an opportunity for the industry to develop "world's best practice" payment processes. However, with it came a discipline that can be very hard to achieve when you are working on the job or as a contract administrator buried under a mountain of paper, or a subcontractor juggling work and home life with your paperwork.

Whilst SOP legislation has changed the game by creating a clear and concise legislative process, many contractors and others do not adhere to the strict payment protocols or timeframes set down by legislation. The result is that 44% of payments are disputed, mostly through the rigid adjudication process that gives the legislation its power to resolve payment disputes.

We decided that, in collaboration with one of Australia's leading e-commerce software engineers, and with the aid of the latest web technology, we would create an online payment system that is simple and easy to operate, fully compliant with SOP legislation and will manage your entire payment process while saving you time and money.

The result is thepowertool (pat. applied). The powertool does everything we wanted it to, and much more. It allows you to prepare and serve fully compliant, date and time-stamped payment claims and payment schedules, maintain relevant documents, keep track of critical dates and events, issue tax invoices and, when necessary, move seamlessly through the adjudication process seamlessly, quickly and cost-effectively for all parties.

Thepowertool takes the worry and work out of the entire legislated payment process, saving you time and money, whist making sure that you meet your commitments and do not end up in unnecessary, costly, destructive disputes.

What's more, it's just the beginning. Enhancements in the pipeline will make your back-office so simple and efficient you are going to ask:

What did the world do before thepowertool?

John Lowry LFAIQS, ICECA, AIAMA, Reg Adjudicator
Co-founder, the powertool